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No more lies.

Do you ever feel like it's too late to rediscover who you are or what you want?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night wondering where the last 20 years have gone?

I used to get stuck in the story of I'm too old to start something new. The only thing that ridiculous story did for me was waste more time.

I then DECIDED that that story was a lie and I could go on listening to the bullshit in my head or I could do something about it.

And the best personal growth years of my life happened after I turned 47.

Imagine that?

What if the absolute best years of your life are right in front of you too?

Would it be something worth chasing?

Would you be worth spending the time, money and effort on?

This is my mission with the work I do as a life coach.

I help women get off the hamster wheel of

"should have, could have, would have" and focus on creating their next best chapter.

If you're ready to trash the stories that are keeping you stuck, if any of this resonates or hits a nerve - let's connect and talk about how coaching might change the trajectory of your life...just like it did mine.



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