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The Future You

Last week I hosted a workshop with a group of realtors. I put together a session that would give them the opportunity to see the power of perspective.

We began with talking about the current challenges in their lives.

Then we did a powerful exercise that tapped into their future selves....and then revisited those current challenges from a future self mindset.



Because when you think from a higher place of certainty, your outlook changes, how you feel changes and how you show up changes. You begin to make decisions from a possibility perspective vs the probability of the past. This leads to much different results than how you view things today with your current mindset.


Take some time this week to connect with the woman you want to be. Ask her what is one thing she'd like you to know today that you don't know. Listen to her answer, she always know what best for you.



If you're loving this idea of connecting with your future self - let's connect for a 45 minute call . I'll evaluate where you are now and where you want to be and show you the obstacles that are getting in your way.

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