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2021 Expansion & Grow

This month I feverishly worked on putting together my first Master Class - HARNESS YOUR HIGHEST VISION;

3 Strategies to Nail Success in 2021.

Let me tell you ALL.THE.DRAMA. surfaced. 😳🤦🏻‍♀️

As I got the outline together, I second guessed the death out of it. Then, working through the technology was like banging my head against the wall (I'm not tech savvy) and promoting it took all of my courage.

Got to tell you - this concept of stretching yourself outside of your comfort zone is real and applies to ALL of us!

In the middle of all this self inflicted non-sense, I realized I was not working with myself but rather against myself.

After that come to Jesus moment, I buckled down and turned it around fast.

I share this personal story to let you know that anytime you set out to do something you've never done before discomfort and excuses will start piling up.

Here's a short cut:

Be on to yourself and you'll get you to your goal quicker. 😉

Below are the 3 strategies to help do just that:

1) Let go of your excuses.

Excuses are just a cover up for fear. Excuses are thoughts we think that are optional to believe. Ask yourself: why am I choosing to believe this?

2) Tell yourself what you want to hear.

Speak with the tone of possibility and opportunity vs impossibility and lack. Use the words that feel positive, inspiring and lift you up. How can you shift your internal language?

3) Take ambitious action.

Get moving like there's no tomorrow. Put your blinders on, feel the hot fire beneath you and start taking steps until it's done. What's one thing you can do today?

This is where expansion lives.

Let's grow together in 2021...apply for coaching here.



"A special thank you to Patty, my go to person for all things life related over the last six months. To be honest, I've heard of life coaches, but never understood what they did or why I would need one. Prior to working with her I felt indecisive, stuck and overwhelmed with life. After a short consultation I knew working with her was EXACTLY what I needed.

Week after week, Patty empowered me to clear my mental roadblocks standing in the way of my inner potential. When I would finish a session, it felt as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Her ability to cut through the bs and hold you accountable is what made her the perfect coach to work with. She is an unbiased voice of guidance who will lead you to short-term solutions, with long-term results, whether it be with yourself or your career.

Highly recommend her to anyone looking for a positive change in their life. Thank you Patty for your guidance and encouragement!

-Andrea Mistretta

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