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A Challenge you won't want to miss!

Updated: May 14, 2021

Recently I hosted a week of Facebook lives with strategies to help you navigate the week during this pandemic.

I received a lot of positive feedback about how the tips shared that week helped people move forward with new perspectives and optimism during these unprecedented times.

So....I decided to create EMPOWERED MINDSET MAY.

Catch my Facebook live everyday Monday - Friday at 8:30 am central time on my facebook page here for the entire month of May!

If you are not a Facebook fan, you can watch the replays on my youtube channel here.

Every day I'll uncover a problem area you may be experiencing personally or professionally and three easy tips to overcome it so you're not just surviving - but thriving this month. My intention is that you'll learn something new, feel inspired to take action in a new way and start the summer with momentum.

I look forward to bringing you the strategies that have been the game changers for myself and my clients over the years.

See you LIVE!



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