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ALERT: The General is Speaking

One of the main reasons why I decided to become a life coach and certify with a training program that was heavy mindset based - was because I wanted to improve my life in the area of inner dialog. I wanted to change the voice of the "General" who was always ordering me around, second guessing my decisions and telling me how bleak things were to creating a voice of a "Coach" who would encourage and empower me with compassion, clarity and confidence. It was from this foundation of my own inner work that I completely changed the conversations in my mind which effected my personal and professional life on every level.

I knew I could help others do the same. Do you hear your General barking orders, second guessing you or creating a no-win situation in your mind? What is your General holding you back from accomplishing? This week I want to share a few foundational steps to start laying the foundation of changing your inner dialog: 1) Listen and notice when your "General" is speaking Being able to identify this voice is critical as it separates You -from it. You are not that voice, that voice is coming from conditioning from someone other than you. For many it's a parent, teacher, friend or boss. 2) Take a moment to breathe 3 generous inhale and exhales Turn your focus to your breath moving in and out of your nose. This simple process calms your nervous system that's currently under threat from the "General". 3) Observe with Fascination Notice the tactics of the "General" with fascination like you are watching a child misbehave. Acknowledge that that's all they know and that behavior gets them attention. The same is true for the "General". These 3 steps are essential to help weaken your "General's" voice. Observing and labeling your inner sabotaging voice is the first step to identify when it's speaking. Keeping it hidden under the radar and not paying attention to it - allows it to run on default. But - every time you become aware of it and notice with fascination vs listening to it and letting it drive how you behave - your inner "General's" voice begins to fade to a whisper and your inner "coach" is available to run the show. This is what's given my clients their power back - making the inner dialog shifts that disempower them from playing small, hiding and not fulfilling their potential to taking up space, being seen, living and playing full out as they live their dreams. Let's just say, once you make the shifts - you truly never want to go back to letting the "General" run the show again. Who doesn't want that?. . .

xoxo, Patricia ...wondering what this has to do with your goals? EVERYTHING. Reach out if you want to learn how to take this work to grow your business, your leadership and your life.

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