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Are you going to choose something different?

What would you tell your young child if they were feeling scared and full of fear about doing something?

Would you be compassionate to them or would you scream and cause them to panic?

I think you know where I'm going with this.

FEAR is the #1 thing that stops people from living a life of their dreams.

➡️ Fear of what could go wrong.

➡️ Fear of making a mistake.

➡️ Fear of failure.

...the list goes on.

This is what our human brain does. It's been conditioned by YOU to behave this way. Old beliefs, old thinking, past decisions, past mistakes all of these things contribute to your current fear.

The first half of 2019 I had a crap ton of fear. It cost me some of my goals and my humility.

The second half of 2019 I decided to EMBRACE the fear and keep moving forward with lessons learned toward what I really want.

Along the way I changed what I wanted to believe about myself and my life. I stopped telling myself un-empowering things like my "I don't know" statement that only led to total confusion. I changed it to "I know what I'm doing". And my brain went to work to make it happen.

My personal coach kept pointing out to me, that what I was saying was effecting my life. She kept showing me how the statements I was repeating were not useful. She could hear what I could not.

It's like being in a bottle and you can't see the label on the outside.

Same thing with our selves - we cannot see ourselves.

This new year and decade -

Are you going to let fear continue to squash your dreams and goals?

Are you going to let your excuses cause you to miss out on another year?

Or - are you going to choose something different?

I'm opening spots for personal coaching this month. My program is six months long. If you're tired of being stuck, if you're looking for permanent change - not just inspiring fluff,

I'd like to offer you a call for my personal coaching program. If it's a fit -

I promise you'll not be the same person at the end of the program. You'll learn exactly what's getting in the way of what you really want and gain the tools to course correct so you can fulfill your bold goals - sooner rather than later. Here is the link.

Here's to an EPIC 2020 -



"Creating a positive mindset

will help you feel successful -

but only 100% of the time"

Patricia Cimino

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