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ASSUME Everything!

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Ever heard the phrase:

"Don't assume. When you ASSUME - you make an ASS out of U and ME...".

This phrase caused me to believe that assuming anything was bad. So I never assumed...anything.

All of this got turned up side down when I read The Power of Awareness by Neville. His idea of how to use assumption in the most positive way, was exactly how I use a coaching concept called - Acting as if. Learning how to use his power of assumption threw my old practice of ASSUMING out the window.

You see, when you use your imagination to create your wildest dreams you can then use the power of assumption to make them happen quicker.


By assuming you've already accomplished your goals. When you do this, you naturally begin to behave in ways to support it.

In short, how you feel living your dream has the power to inspire you to take action toward making it real.

"The future becomes the present when you imagine that you already are what you will be when your assumption is fulfilled."

This week I'd like to offer you the opportunity to assume you've already accomplished what you truly want in an effort to get the ball rolling toward your goals.

Remember - if you can assume the worst - you can certainly carve out the time to assume the best…



P.S. Whenever you're ready, here are a couple ways I can help you:

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