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Commit to being Committed.


Such a big word.

What are you committing to this year?

What will it take to commit til you get the result you want?

The research has shown that by the 2nd Friday of January an overwhelming amount of people (more than half) have abandoned their new years resolutions - their commitments that sounded so firm on Dec 31st.

And by the first week of February 80% have fallen off their resolutions.

Don't be one of them!

Here are some super easy and effective ways to keep you motivated and on track:

1) Attach to your reason why you want the goal.

Remind yourself of what accomplishing this goal will mean to you. How will your life change? How will you change as a result of becoming the person who goes after and achieves what she sets out to do?

2) Hold yourself accountable.

Grab a colleague, join a mastermind, hire a coach. Look for accountability partners who will challenge and support your goals. These are people who inspire you and believe in you.

3) Be adaptable and open along the way.

Let go of committing to one specific way to accomplish your goal. Be open to many ways. Try and re-try until you hit the nail on the head.

Make 2021 your differentiator year by actually following through on the commitments you made.

If this is where you are getting stuck - I can help you. Reach out here to find out how coaching can help you stay committed to your vision and dreams in 2021.



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