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Decision Confusion & Taking Action

How often do you get stuck in Decision Confusion?

Confused on what to do, how to do it and if it's aligned with what you truly want.

Should I do this...or that...or should I not do it?

The only thing that decision confusion does - is keep you stuck and not taking action for a long time.

Getting stuck in the decision making process and then finally deciding to take action was my old theme in life. I wasted a ridiculous amount of time and lost opportunities doing this.

This past year I learned how to become more efficient and effective at making decisions and I shared it with my private FB group yesterday.

You can access the live video in my private FB group Intentional Mind 2020 here and watch what happens when you are in decision confusion and the three simple questions you can ask yourself that will lead to taking action quicker and offer you more growth.

Here are the questions:

What do I want to do?

Why do I want to do it?

Do I like my reasons?

Using this process vs the former above will result in 2 different outcomes.

Let me share a personal reference here:

In January I made a decision that I wanted to do a speaking engagement once a month. In January I spoke for the Women's Business Council within the Chamber of Commerce and then at Toastmasters. In February I spoke at Toastmasters and in March I'm confirmed to speak at the Women of Excellence Group and again at Toastmasters.

If I made the decision to speak at the beginning of the year but didn't take action until April - I would miss out on all the growth that these 5 speaking opportunities will provide me.

When you make a decision and then waffling in indecision before taking action - you loose time and growth opportunities.

When you make a decision and then take action and keep repeating that - you grow EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. you take action.

So....where are you spinning out and stalling:

making your decisions or taking action?



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"Wrap yourself up in something so much - that you forget to be afraid"

Patricia Cimino

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