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Energy Losses..

The last couple of blogs I've been talking about energy and how to maximize it to enhance the areas of your life that you want to improve.

This week I want to share with you three types of energy losses you may be experiencing and how to conquer them so you can jump start the second half of 2022...yes the year is almost half over!

Plug Your Energy Leaks
What is an energy leak? It's those silly little things like incomplete tasks, things on a to do list that don't get done, a follow up call you were suppose to make, light bulbs that need changing, emails to be read...

These leaks are small and usually easy to fix. But left undone, they just hang around in your head as 'incomplete' - taking up precious space in your mind. When you take time to complete them, you get a little relief that allows you to focus on the bigger stuff.

Shift Your Energy Drains
Energy drains are the bigger things that suck the life out of you. Notice what you do everyday, where does your energy start to fade...doing the bills? Networking? Learning tech?
Dr Martha Beck (my fav) offers three ways to approach the energy drains:
Drop it - just don't do it.
Delegate it - ask someone else to do it.
Delight in it - find something to do while doing the draining task....(I love to listen to podcasts while folding laundry 🤓)
Manage Your Environmental Energy
Scan your work space - how does it make you feel? Are you inspired to sit down and work or do you feel depleted when you walk in? Quick tips for refueling your environment:
Clean off clutter from desk and office area
Capture a favorite quote or mantra in a frame on your wall
Make sure your wifi and copier are functioning properly - and have extra ink cartridges on hand 😉
Light a candle while you work for some great aromatherapy

Try one or all three of the strategies above and let me know if you're feeling more time and mind freedom!

...Looking for ways to uplevel your mindset and energy leadership? Patricia Cimino Coaching has expanded to offer onsite and offsite workshops, retreats and group coaching. Choose from a variety of topics on my speakers bio or we can custom topics to your area of interest. Reply here with any questions!
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