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Try This for Instant Energy!

Are you part of the hybrid or remote workforce?

If your home office is feeling kind of stagnant, meaning you don't feel inspired to be in it - I want to share a simple tip with you:

Change the room you're working in!

I’ve had my office set up in one part of my house and yes every now and then I move around the furniture to create a new perspective.

Last week I decided to take my laptop and any necessary files and work in my living room -

WOW what a difference that made!

Fresh ideas, new inspiration, different perspective, new found energy - all from this one simple change.

And guess what?

In the environmental psychology world, there is a body of research that studies how our living spaces affect our mental state. And it states that everything around your house, from how you arrange your room to how much sunlight enters your room, can affect your emotional state 😳...😁.

If you want to learn more, check out this detailed article about the brain and body's response to environments, ie: homes, offices, schools etc...

And the next time you feel bored at your home desk - change rooms!



"I sought Patricia out because I was feeling stuck. I knew that I was overwhelmed by grief and felt like I was not showing up fully in many areas of my life. I wanted more and I knew that shifting my mindset and my perspective was the answer. It was work I could do on my own, but I know the power of a coach and wanted the wisdom and guidance and support of someone who could guide me through.

Patricia shows up with consistency and clarity. She is masterful at noticing the details and assisting in shifting one’s focus and finding the action steps to move to the next level.

I am so grateful to feel like I have moved through a challenging time and have been empowered to show up in fullness. I have gained new tools and perspectives. Working with Patricia is powerful." Liza

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