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Failing + Self Care = Success

Last week I offered my masterclass - Harness Your Highest Vision: 3 Game Changing Strategies to Nail Success in 2021.

I want to share my EPIC fail - how it went down and what I decided to do, that might help you in times when things don't go as planned.

I marketed the masterclass for a solid week, invited people to attend and was super charged with the content I planned to teach.

I began the masterclass from a grounded place of confidence and was 30 minutes into the class (75% done) when low and behold, I found out -

I FORGOT TO TURN MY MIC ON..a mic drop moment - literally. 🤦🏻‍♀️🎤🤦🏻‍♀️

Here's what happened next:

For a split second, I saw my mind go into self criticism.

I heard a few sentences firing off in my brain that held a lot of judgement.

In that moment I shifted the focus from me and my mishaps to those who registered for the class. I brought my focus back to the moment and what I wanted to share.

And I heard myself say:

"Do it again from the start. That was your practice run."

And in that moment I garnered all my energy and belted out everything I had just taught - again.

The most important thing happened after I was done. It's these words I heard myself say:

"I am human.

Humans make mistakes.

Mistakes don't erase my past experiences and successes.

Keep going."

Friends, this would not have been the case a few years ago!!

A few years ago, I would have berated myself for quite a while and then slowly come out of my shell to show my face again.

Here's where the lifetime value of what I've received through coaching keeps adding value to my life.

Through the power of being coached and learning how to coach my brain for mind drama, I walked away from this experience exactly for what it was here to teach me:

Check the mic before speaking next time. That's it.

This month I'll be sharing with you ways to incorporate self care that uplevels your personal and professional life.

The way that you take care of yourself on the inside has a major effect on how you show up on the outside. Sounds cliche - but it's the truth.

And that is what creates ALIGNMENT internally to externally.

When things go haywire, here's 3 quick strategies to help you navigate your way back to you:

1) See your Reptilian brain going into self criticism.

Acknowledge the most ancient part of your brain - the Amygdala is running the show in this moment. It's part of each and every one of us, you aren't a special unicorn if you're experiencing it!

2) Take the focus off of you and onto who you are helping.

Bring yourself back to who it is you are trying to help in that moment. Taking the focus off of yourself and stepping into service can have a tremendous impact on your actions...remember times you've volunteered?

3) Reflect on what you did well.

When all is said and done, highlight what went well, what you did right, what you learned through the experience...this is where the gold is. 🤩

I'll end with:

"You are human.

Humans make mistakes.

Mistakes don't erase your past experiences and successes.

Keep going."



When you are ready... here are a couple of other ways I can help you:

  • Watch my weekly Live series Empowered Mindset Minute on Facebook, Instagram and youtube on Tuesdays at 12:00 EST

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