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Fuel your own tank..

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Years ago I read Gary Chapman's wildly popular book The Five Love Languages. It's a powerful book that talks about five different ways that people like to be loved. The idea is to find the way your partner likes to be loved and use it. By doing that you will be filling up their love tank...(fyi - he has a book for doing this with your teenagers too). The five ways are through: ** Words of Affirmation ** Quality time ** Recieiving gifts ** Acts of service ** Physical touch All great ideas.... BUT wouldn't it be awesome to learn how to do it for yourself? Then you never have to wait for someone to do it for you...

💥💥💥BEST.NEWS.EVER.💥💥💥 That is what I set out to do and it made such a difference in how I thought and felt about myself. This week in honor of Valentines day start to fill your own love tank : ** Offer yourself words of affirmation - create "I am" statements that make you feel good about you. ** Carve out quality time to spend with just you doing something that lights you up. ** Allow yourself to receive a gift from you. Big or small - size doesn't matter - give yourself permission to receive without using an excuse to block it. ** Do something nice for yourself that is kind and loving or do something for someone else = that always feels good 😊. ** Give yourself a hug or place your hand on your heart and your other hand on top of it physically touching and connecting to your heart center. All these little practices add up and will have a tremendous impact on how you feel. AND here's the bonus: The more you fuel and fill your love tank, the overflow pours out onto those in your life and even to others you may not know. Creating habits that remind you to love and celebrate you, will guarantee your tank never runs on empty. xoxo, Patricia If you're ready to make serious changes in your life click here to schedule a clarity consult and find out how my coaching can transform your life.

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