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Growth takes GUTS

I'll never forget my first job out of college.

It was my first real world lesson in courage.

Fresh out of business school I landed a sales position with a Fortune 500 hair care company.

But it didn’t happen with a snap of the finger….

I interviewed a few times and knew I could exceed what they needed. I felt really good before and after the interviews.

So when the District manager called to tell me they decided to go with someone else - I was floored.

I hung up the phone thinking "what the heck went wrong?".

In that moment - I made a bold decision.

I decided to call the DM back up and tell him he was making a big mistake not hiring me, that I was the best person for the job - I was trembling on the other end of the phone.

He sat quietly and repeated, "we’ve chosen someone else."

Fifteen minutes later he called me back up and said,

“Because of what you just did, I’m hiring you.”

That simple act of courage, pushed me to show up bigger - even thought I was scared shitless.

I tell you this story because courage doesn't appear when we are feeling comfortable, it shows up in the uncomfortable moments of our lives.

Where are you not getting courageous and going after what you want?

What if you took your fear and embraced it instead of running from it with excuses that sound legit in the moment?

Below are three strategies to help you cultivate your courage muscle:

1) Notice when you have a connection and conviction to something you're passionate about but feel scared. Your heart will allows lead you to what you truly want.

2) When you hear the voice in your head saying "don't go there" - in that moment, challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone and go there.

3) Practice taking courage consistently. Commit to an act of courage each week or each day. Keep doing it.

It won't feel comfortable on the onset but the more you employ it the easier it becomes.

This year as the pandemic changed everything, I've watched my clients navigate from conducting business offline to the online world. Initially going online was a scary place to be. They each challenged themselves to show up, be seen and ended up creating new opportunities for business growth.

Bottom line: growth takes guts.

What would your life and business look like a year from now if you practiced courage consistently?



I help entrepreneurs bust the mental roadblocks keeping them stuck from being visible, earning income and making the impact they truly want to make.

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This is not some boring or pushy sales call. The coaching consult is a chance for us to meet and for you to share your goals and dreams. If it's a fit for both of us, I'll share how we can work together. Even if it's not, you'll still walk away from this complimentary 45 minutes call with powerful insight to yourself. 

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