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Gut Feeling & Heart Tug

Have you ever had a gut feeling about something or a heart tug and you ignored it?

Last week, I got an internal hit of inspiration about something I wanted to do.

...And then I talked myself out of what my heart suggested.

😱 😩 WHAAAT???

I'll share with you real time how it played out:

I got an idea for my business that excited me (hint #1) my body was screaming "yes this would be fun!" and as Ieaned into it, I began to rationalize and analyze the idea - so much that I convinced myself not to move forward.

I heard my mind play out all the reasons why it was not doable and unrealistic. After it happened, I realized I let my mind convince me to ignore my heart.

How did I know I did that?

Because the idea would not leave me. It kept resurfacing and every time my body would get excited my mind would squash it.


Have you ever listened to your rational mind over your truthful heart?

I've decided to dive deeper into this space and cultivate the skill of making heart over head my protocol so I operate my business and life from a place of intuitive flow.

I know this will be game changing because after years of coaching individuals, lack of trust is the number one thing holding people back from doing what they really want.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, business leader or midlife transitioner, learning to pay attention to the messages of your inner heart can guide you to operate in your own version of ease and flow...who doesn't want that?!?

This week I'll leave you with the first nugget which may seem obvious but gets ignored:

You have the most powerful GPS system in the world. And it's not found on the latest version of your cell phone nor is it located in your car. It's within you...YOUR BODY.

Your body is always talking to you. It lets you know when it feels good and definitely when it feels bad. Learning to pay attention to how you physically feel is the first step.

Here's a great article that goes into more detail about body intelligence.

Take this week to start paying attention to the simple signs your body gives you for what feels good and what doesn't feel good as you make simple decisions at work and home.

Have a great week experimenting with your awareness to your GPS.



Are you looking for more? Below are a couple of ways I can help you:

  • I offer 1:1 private coaching. Click here for a discovery session to see if it's a good fit.

  • Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube.

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