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Have you ever uttered these words?

What did one phone conversation, one coffee date and one networking event all have in common?

During every single one of these things - the same exact sentence was repeated by whomever I was speaking with.

Want to know what that sentence was?

I'm not living my potential.

I know that sentence.

It's the sentence I hear most often from my clients when they first contact me.

And I know exactly how they feel because it was the sentence I used to play on repeat in my head.

* It's the thought that gnaws at you in the middle of the night when you wake up to go to the bathroom.

* It's the thought that eats at you when your at social events and the dreaded question comes up with new people you're meeting..."What do you do?"

* It's the thought that makes you want to buffer with food, wine, Facebook, Netflix, etc...

Which only makes it worse and takes you further away from leaning into your purpose and living your potential.

Is this the sentence that keeps resurfacing for you?

Do you ignore it thinking it will go away?

Do you avoid it believing it's just a phase?

Do you answer it with an excuse about your kids, your spouse or lack of one, or your age?

Here's what happens when you finally decide to do something about it:

You set goals that stretch you

You learn to embrace the uncomfortable

You grow into a different person

And whether you hit your goal or not -


If you tired of living that phrase - let's connect.

In one call you can decide if life coaching with me will help you get to your potential.

Have an amazing week -


"Quiet your mind and let your heart become the CEO of your head"

- Patricia Cimino

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