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How to allow success in 2020..

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

I want to drop a truth bomb on you.

The best way to insure success in the future is to scour your past for all of your previous successes.

This is a simple concept - NOT EASY - but simple.

NOT EASY because...

Your human brain has been conditioned to dwell in the negative.

When you reflect on your past - your mind quickly thinks of all the times you failed, made bad decisions or did something wrong.

And it likes to ruminate in that evidence by showing it to you over and over.

Here's a strategy for how you can allow more success in 2020:

1. Find the lessons in your failures, your bad decisions and anything that went wrong. Title them lessons learned.

2. Forgive yourself. Tell yourself you did the best that you could with the knowledge you had at the time.

3. Focus on all your successes that happened, great decisions you made and all the things that went right.

BOOM for #3!

Now create a list of your successes.

When you read the list - notice the feelings you have in your body. Every cell has energy - thinking about things that make you proud and empowered will create a positive physical emotion throughout your being.

Your positive physical emotion will inspire you to produce more success going forward. It's the law of what you focus on grows.

Here's to all of your successes of the past and the many in front of you in 2020!



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"Make decisions you

feel good about,

not guilty about"

Patricia Cimino

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