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The storm in our minds..

The last 72 hours have been interesting.

Having just moved to southeast Florida 5 weeks ago Hurricane Dorian has been quite an experience.

The most fascinating thing about this hurricane is how much it keeps changing from category levels to direction. Every morning for the last 3 days has been a different forecast.

It reminds me of how much we change our minds. I hear women say they want to to do that big "thing" but then talk themselves out of doing it and go a different direction.

Then time passes and they're thinking about the "thing" again.

They think about their hard earned degrees and their climbing the ladder days before motherhood and know they have the capability and potential to do something on their terms.

Is this you?

If so, here's 3 simple things to do:

1. Notice your mind trying to talk yourself out of it. In that moment acknowledge its just the ancient part of your brain trying to take over and keep you safe. Nothing has gone wrong - that's what our human brain does.

2. Get a piece of paper out and write down your "thing" that you keep thinking about.

3. Take 1 small step toward the "thing" you wrote down. Schedule it on your calendar and commit to doing it...this week.

You'll be surprised how one small step will lead to the next and then just like Hurricane Dorian, you'll be on a different route that will lead to a different outcome.

Some outcomes I've helped my clients build out of their "something":

** Created businesses they love

** Left working for someone else to work for themselves

** Learned to say NO so they can say YES to what they really want.

If you're done with hearing yourself say you want to do something and then don't - let's connect and find out why this keeps happening and how you can move forward in a big way. Schedule a call here.

Wherever you are - stay safe!


"There's a solution to every problem your mind creates."

- Patricia Cimino

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