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Impossible is Temporary.

This past weekend I attended my coaching school's mastermind. It's a yearly event that brings all of us together for 2 powerful days of learning and growing.

This year the theme of the mastermind was:


Wow - there is so much power believing that one thought!

What if you truly believed that anything you're trying to do right now that seems impossible - is really just temporary?

How differently would you feel about yourself knowing that?

How differently would you show up for your life, in particular to the challenging thing you're facing?

What if...

  • You trying to pursue a business dream that feels just temporary?

  • You trying to find balance between career and your family life feels just temporary?

  • You trying to build your confidence feels just temporary?

Changing how you think about impossible -

changes everything!

This week I'm challenging you to make a subtle shift from believing something is impossible to believing that impossible is only a temporary state, it will pass, you are not stuck there.

Trust and believe you have everything you need to figure out the hurdle you are being faced with. Then let that inspire you to take a small step forward.

Subtle shifts like that can change the trajectory of your life...

How do I know? It's what changed mine.


Tired of settling? YOU DON'T HAVE TO! For a closer look at my RESULTS NOT REGRETS Coaching program, schedule a call here.

"I've Got This -

3 powerful words

to tell yourself"

- Patricia Cimino

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