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Problems or Opportunities?

Updated: May 14, 2020

Some may look at this quote and say - Patricia which rock are you living under?

A disheartening 22 million who've filed for unemployment, tons of businesses closed, operating at 25% or solely on-line, this is being compared to the Great Depression.

But during this time, there are also new businesses being birthed, new ways of doing work being discovered and ideas and ingenuity exploding.

Everyday I'm witnessing individuals getting super creative and resourceful doing whatever it takes to keep moving forward.

From taking yoga, meditation and working out on line to virtual flash clothing sale parties to Zoom workshops and retreats.

For some - you may not have lost income or a job and want to use this time to recoup and reconnect. If that's you - ENJOY!

For others you may see this as a challenge to finally jump outside your comfort zone and do something you've never done before. If that's you - PIVOT and leap into taking the next step that's aligned with your dreams and goals.

And for others you may need to figure out what's next to pay your mortgage or rent. If that's you - SHIFT the internal dialog to see opportunities vs problems.

If you are in the latter two camps needing to PIVOT and/or SHIFT - below are three ways you can stay future focused on what you want to create and what you want to experience instead of focusing on the negative news of the day:

#1 - Stay focused on the road ahead. Your brain will want to keeping looking out the rear view mirror of the past. It's ok to see it just don't stare...Bring your attention back to the front window and the end destination you have put in your GPS.

#2 - Practice visualization. Visualization has been around for a long time. Sports psychologists and peak performance coaches have used it to help their athletes achieve unbelievable feats. Visualize your goal or dream all the way through to the outcome. Studies have found when you visualize you begin to see what's possible and that builds internal motivation to take action.

#3 - Act as if you've already become the person that does xyz...(fill in blank with your goal/dream). How does that person behave? How do they process decisions? Be that person now.

Is this an area of your life you find yourself feeling stuck in?

If so, I'm inviting you to a coaching consult. Reach out to me with the word STUCK and I'll send you details to connect.

Have an amazing week -



Are we friends on Facebook?

This month I've created EMPOWERED MINDSET MAY.

An FB Live series with a daily shift to help you to THRIVE during this unprecedented time. Join me at 8:30 am cst. on my facebook page here. Friend or follow me to get in on the content that will ignite you to take action now - not someday!

If you are not a Facebook fan, you can catch the replays on my youtube channel here.

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