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Regret-proofing Your Life

I recently re-connected with someone I've known for a while but haven't spoken to in a long time. During our time together, she filled me in on everything going on in her life. 

As we talked, she told me about all the things she recently accomplished and how proud she was of the strides she'd made. 

Then she told me where she was feeling stuck.

Stuck because she was engaging in overthink that was talking her out of what she really wanted. But she just thought that was her rational mind helping her see all sides of the situation.


It was her lizard brain freaking out.

As a coach, I'm trained to reveal my clients blind spots. To show them what they can't see. I'm there to challenge their perceptions and introduce them to new ways of thinking. 

Thinking that will turn their dreams into reality, so regret is not an option.

Last year I helped my clients make some big changes that felt impossible when they first came to me. Many resulted in pursing what they love and launching a soul filled businesses. Others learned to uplevel their beliefs about themselves that led to new leadership roles within their current careers. And some learned how to create boundaries that saved their personal relationships. All led to building a regret proof life. 

So here's what I'd like to ask:

** If you knew you could not fail - what would you do with your life?

** If things worked out perfectly - what would your life look like at the end of 2020?

** What would be the cost of not pursuing this?

Take the first step in the direction of where you want to end up - answers those questions honestly and on paper. Getting them on paper gives you a 42% more chance of achieving them.

If you're really feeling ambitious - share them with me so I can cheer you on!

Here's to your EPIC 2020 -



If want 2020 to be like no other year you've experienced -

click here and let's talk about how coaching with me can help you make the answers to these questions your new reality - sooner rather than later.

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