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Secret Ingredient to hitting your goals

What does having fun have to do with your goals and aspirations?


Friday night I decided to have a little fun with an old friend who lives far away. We decided to have a FaceTime Happy Hour. She got her glass of wine and I got my gin and tonic...

We met on FaceTime which totally made the distance feel not so far away. We peed our pants laughing at "stuff" going on in our lives. We poked fun at our "boy mom" challenges and supported one another.

That one and half hour of time in community with someone I've known forever was the best gift for my well being and my business.

How did happy hour effect my business?

If you're an entrepreneur in this digital age - you've most likely experienced never really getting away from your work. Seriously though, this effects everyone not just entrepreneurs 😵.

Having boundaries is something I'm working on, but I would be lying if I told you I had them mastered. Letting go of work and allowing myself to enjoy the company of a great lifelong friend - fueled me to add in more fun throughout the weekend.

The result of doing that was a refreshed start to a new week with lazar focus toward my goals and an abundance of new ideas for how I can serve my clients and inspire others who follow my work.

No surprise, research shows the benefits of laughing, playing and having fun skyrockets our creativity and wellbeing. Here's a great article supporting that.

So....where do you need to hold back the reins and add some fun to your life?

How can you make having fun a priority this week?



Hey are you looking for a way to get more intentional with the things you want to do? I've started a private fb group called the INTENTION INCUBATOR. I share resources, host trainings and offer strategies to embark on making your intentions your reality - if this is something you want to get better at - get you booty in there!

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