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Celebrate & Get Your Results Faster

You've probably heard me to talk about the importance of celebrating your wins..

Did you know that every time you do your brain releases Dopamine?

Dopamine - the feel good hormone...I love a good hit of it!

And each time you celebrate your wins - you get to partake in savoring that feel good feeling again.

Which is super cool, because savoring positivity is one of the foundational strategies of the popular Positive Psychology movement. Dr Martin Seligman (founder) tells us that Savoring Positivity is another way to flourish and build a more positive life.

Now I want to warn you - your human brain is rigged for negativity 70% of the time and it will tell you small things are not worth your time to celebrate, that they aren't big enough.


A win is a win - no matter what the size. Actually the small ones are the fun ones to begin to play with as you build this new practice.

A win in my book is:

  • anything that is going well

  • anything you are doing right

  • anything that is moving you in the direction of your goals or in the direction of what you're creating

Here's the huge WIN for celebrating your wins - when you get in the habit of doing it...your brain will start to look for more things to celebrate.

It becomes a positive perpetual cycle...creating more wins faster!

This is the interpersonal work I'm committed to helping my clients achieve. If you want to learn more about my strategies and how they can accelerate your productivity and performance - reach out for a Discovery call here.

Here's to your daily wins!



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