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Start thinking like a winner - DAILY

Updated: May 14, 2021

Think like a winner.

Sounds like a Nike ad.

But here's the skinny on why it matters to think like a winner when you're going after your dream:

When you keep track of ALL your wins - every single day, you begin to change the neuropathways in your brain.

Your impossible goal will start to seem possible.

And most of all - BELIEVABLE.

This week I want to share 3 strategies to help you think like a winner:

1) Keep score daily - Count every win, especially the small ones. Your brain loves to gather evidence. Every small win matters. Gathering all of them regardless of the size creates quantity which produces even more evidence for your brain to believe.

2) Use self forgiveness - when your brain wants to go to the past and show you all the failures (because that's what it's used to doing 70% of the time) create self compassion toward you. Tell yourself thoughts like "I did the best that I could at the time". Loving yourself through the moments of past failures is the antidote to heading into a negative downward spiral.

3) Reward yourself of your wins with your own acknowledgment. Tell yourself one of your wins in the mirror at the end of the day. This completes the cycle of accomplishment and recognition - something humans love!

“Accept responsibility for your life.

Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go,

no one else.” – Les Brown

Start tracking!



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