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STOP putting yourself last..

I get a lot of women who reach out to me because they are stuck and want help moving forward in the direction of their dreams. They feel time ticking and crave the support of someone who can empower them to start taking inspired action.

This is what they say they really want...and then the mom guilt sets in. The thoughts of Suzie's college tuition, the never-ending home improvements or the balance on the credit card - lead them to putting themselves...LAST.

🤦🏻‍♀️ so been there!

I used to get hung up on the things I wanted for me and had total mom guilt that lasted for years. I wasted a lot of time resenting everyone and everything around me and blaming others for my unhappiness.

Here's the big AHA: I finally realized the clock is going to continue to tick and there will always be expenses to pay, whether I invest in myself or not - I'll just be another year older.

I pulled the trigger to find a mentor to help me out of my rut and into what I truly wanted to create in the world.

It was the support of a coach that guided me through the thoughts and emotions I was feeling and then helped me step into my life calling.


I became a better mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend -


I got to where I wanted to be - quicker.

If you're ready to start making yourself a priority in your life -

I'd love to get you there quicker too.



Want to talk more about how you can start prioritizing you? Grab your free Kick-Start Call -  Click here .

"The only one stopping you -

is you"

Patricia Cimino

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