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The 1 Secret to getting more done


Do you get excited when you go at your to-do list with a

"kill two birds with one stone" mentality?

Even though it feels awesome with what we perceive is getting more done, the bigger question is - were you fully engaged with everything you did? 

Were you giving your 100% effort, attention and commitment to each thing?

Most likely NOT. 

Research shows that our mind can only hold one thought at a time. 

When we multitask we train our brain to do the opposite of that. 

We train it to jump more quickly from thought to thought which ultimately decreases concentration and compromises our productivity because we end up making more mistakes. 

Not to mention the stress and anxiety it puts on our psyche and body.

This week I'm sharing 3 strategies to employ mono-tasking to get more done:

1) Make a conscious decision to focus on one thing at a time. Make the decision to mono-task. When you notice you're multitasking - stop and choose one of the things until it's complete.

2) Create 25 minute increments w/ 5 minute breaks for each task. Author Jim Kwik offers this strategy in his book LIMITLESS as research suggests our natural ability to concentrate wanders between 10-40 minutes. Capitalizing on a shorter timeframe allows your brain to remember more.

3) Slow down! Slow down as you're working, slow down as you're speaking to someone, slow down as you're eating...when you slow down you'll feel like you're moving in slow motion, you may notice things you never did before and you many find you're in the moment much more.

Ultimately when you mono-task, you show up 100% in what you're doing do vs 50% here and 50% there.


Be more productive by doing less."

Here's to staying focused on one thing at a time this week -



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