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The Game Changing Five L's

This week I want to share my 5 L's. They are simple but not easy. As you finish out March, check in with these five concepts. If you're getting stuck - you know where you can find me! Patricia's 5 L's 1) LISTEN Listen to what you're inner voice is saying. Some people might call this intuition, or a gut feeling, or whispering nudge. Pay attention when you get these random hits and listen to what it's trying to tell you. 2) LEARN When you take the time to really listen, you'll immediately hear from your head. Your mind will start to rationalize and analyze what you hear your inner voice say. It will bring up excuses that sound legit and make you believe the opposite by bringing up your past with evidence - just to prove it true to you. 3) LOVE Love this process. Trust me here, I'll save you a lot of time. Resisting will only keep you further away from what you really want. Love that you are getting hints from your heart, love your beautiful mind feeling a bit scared. Love that you are capable to move forward in a way that works for you. 4) LET GO Let go of anything in the moment that doesn't feel good to you. Your body always knows what feels good and what doesn't...let go of what doesn't. 5) LEAP Leap forward - it doesn't have to be a big leap, matter of fact it can be small, just as long as it's forward toward what you want.

Have an amazing week! xoxo, Patricia

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