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The Most Effective Time Management Tool..

Last week the topic of time management came up in my mastermind group. My clients were looking for better strategies to manage their time.

And it got me thinking -

Why was my last week so unproductive?

I decided to analyze it to find where I had 'lost' time.

Here's what I discovered:

Earlier that week I had a major disagreement with someone. This disagreement crept into my mind with me rehashing the conversation over and over.

I was thinking about different outcomes that could have taken place. I was wondering why I was being ignored since the conversation took place (totally my perception - not reality).

The list goes on with how much time I exhausted entertaining the pointless conversations in my head.

WOW. Eye Opening.

How did my disagreement with someone relate to time management?

We can buy detailed planners, memorize time blocking hacks and commit to doing less AND still not get the result of mastering our time if we aren't taking charge of mastering our mind.

All the 'time' I wasted swirling in the disagreement didn't get me moving forward quickly on the things I wanted to do.

I believe time management really is about focus.

Based on this, I'm sharing three simple steps to help you improve your time management skills:

1) Pay attention to what you're focusing on.

Thinking consumes time, master your time by bringing awareness to all that you ARE thinking about.

2) Interupt your pattern.

When you notice you're diving into something from yesterday STOP in that moment.

3) Send your focus to the result you want to create this week.

Tell yourself what you want to hear that will inspire you to take action toward the outcome you're desiring.

I shared this strategy to thrive, live on my social media program EMPOWERED MINDSET MINUTE.

You can catch it on my Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Linkedin social sites.

Have an amazing week mastering your time by mastering your mind.



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