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The sneakiest emotion keeping you stuck.

I have a little secret to share.

You know that "thing" you want to do that keeps popping up in your mind?

Every time you put up a wall in front of it...your desire for it pops up even more.

And then your desire for what you really want is on the other side of the wall of resistance.

Resistance is a powerful emotion and one of the sneakiest.

It will show up hiding under excuses, distractions and procrastination.

And what it really boils down to is a mental game of fear.

You may experience resistance coming up anytime you're thinking about stepping outside your comfort zone. Maybe it shows up when you think about becoming an entrepreneur or speaking up in a meeting or reaching out for help.

The wall of fear goes up to protect you - but really it's just keeping you stuck and even further away from what you want.

Here are 3 strategies to help you overcome resistance so you can flourish:

1) Ask yourself WHY? Why am I resisting xyz?

Listen to how you respond. Your response is what you are thinking about xyz..."I'm afraid I'll fail", "I'm afraid I'll be judged",

"I'm afraid of success" may surface for you.

2) Take your personal power back and tell resistance to go sit in the corner - you've got it covered. Yes, this is about taking the diaper off and putting on the big girl/boy pants.

3) Take action, evaluate, tweak - take action, evaluate, tweak over and over. Every time you do, the wall of resistance crumbles until you're doing what you were resisting.

Resistance is one of the biggest culprits I see robbing people of what they really want. Overcoming it is powerful work and not for the faint of heart but...

If the pain of not living your dream is greater than tolerating not living it - let's connect for a coaching consult. I'll share with you how coaching can help you get the result you want sooner - not later.



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