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The South Beach reminder

This weekend as we drove by a hotel in South Beach and I had another reminder of how my no regrets motto has been the theme in my life. It left me feeling empowered vs regretful thinking "I should have tried this".

Let me give you the back story:

Years ago, I decided I wanted to be a fashion photo stylist. I had been working professionally for nine years when I realized it was something I kept thinking about. No surprise, I LOVED fashion, following the trends and predicting what would be the next rage. I loved playing around with clothes, shoes, hairstyles (for those who know me - you've seen every imaginable hairstyle on me 🤷🏻‍♀️). Only caveat was - I did not have experience in that field.

So I set out to get experience. I began doing test photo shoots with up and coming photographers in Chicago. After a few months, I learned the best way to get going quickly was to go to Miami where a lot of up and coming models and photographers where doing the same. So I packed my bag and headed to South Beach to spend a month building my portfolio. After returning, I got picked up by an agency that repped Stylists. I became a fashion photo stylist - my dream actualized! And I continued to do that work for a year.

...only to realize I DIDN'T LOVE IT.

It was not what I thought it was going to be.

Passing by the hotel I stayed at, my memory flashed to that experience. In that moment I thought - I'm so glad I uncovered that desire, went for it, discovered I didn't like it and never looked back. I never lost sleep about not doing it.

My point in telling you this is, it doesn't matter what age you are, if you're hearing a whisper of something in your ear = it's worth investigating. It's worth the peace of mind to check it out - for real. Ignoring it will only make it speak louder. In my case, if I never did it I wouldn't have known it wasn't going to be for me. I'd have the regret of why I didn't become a fashion photo stylist still playing on the tape recorder in my mind.

So what is it for you?

What is something you've been wanting to do?

....more importantly what's holding YOU back?



Reach out and let's find out what's getting in the way of you moving forward in the direction of what you want. Grab your free Clarity Call - Click here .

"Anything GREAT

is worth

investing in."

Patricia Cimino

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