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The word you've heard 50,000 times..

Research has shown that by the time the average person reaches adulthood they have heard the word “no” 50,000 times as compared to hearing ”yes” 7,000 times.

They say that it stems from the time we are young toddlers, that on average a toddler hears the word NO - 400x a day. And that conditioning can lead us to saying no to ourselves as adults. 

Think about it:

How many times have you gotten excited about doing something - only to hear yourself say:

"No, that’ll never happen…"


You were feeling really confident, until you walked out your front door and you started thinking:

"No, I can't do....."

Below are 3 mindful shifts for turning the no’s of self doubt into the yes’s of self belief.

1) Stop giving in to "it's too hard" mentality. Every time you believe something is too hard - your brain gives up before you even try. Decide to accept something is hard and tackle it anyway.

2) Give equal airtime to the best case scenario as you do with the worst case scenario. Going to the worst case scenario is a very common practice that we humans do. The key is balancing out spending the same amount of time with the best case and the worst case vs just focusing on the worst case consistently.

3) Focus on past successes. Make a list of all your past successes large and small. Keep them visible to show yourself evidence that you’ve said yes before and you've succeeded.

"Your self doubt will stop you -

your self belief will fuel you"

Patricia Cimino

Have an amazing week -



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