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Turn your Set backs into your Set ups

Setbacks, we've all had them and this year our world sent us a huge one! Among the pandemic, there's no doubt you've experienced other set backs in your life....(if you haven't - I want your secret!) My life has ebbed and flowed with various set backs that truly were exactly the thing I needed to overcome. Had I not experienced it I would not have grown.

This week I'm sharing three strategies to help you take your setbacks and use them for your set up into your next chapter.

1) Look for the GIFTS.

Find all the things the set back brought into your life that you would not have had otherwise. Take each 'gift' as a learning lesson. How can you grow from this set back, what did it teach you? I know that sounds cliche - but every time you learn from your set back you begin to cultivate a growth mindset.

2) Be proactive.

Keep moving, keep taking action, keep growing, keep evolving. Stay in motion, it'll will help curb the negative emotion. When you're taking action you're not doing nothing.

3) Challenge yourself to remain complaint free.

It's easy to get caught up in complaining. But complaining only sends your mind to focus on what you don't want. Keep your eye on your goals and speak to yourself with a winning voice. Connect to the reason why your goal is important to you - let that drive you to stay focused on what you want.

I love Steve Harvey's quote above -

"Your set back is just a set up for your comeback"

So...where can you turn your recent set backs from this pandemic into a set up for your next chapter?

If this is where you're getting stuck - reach out, I can help you!



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