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Using fear to propel growth.

One of the biggest things that has stood in my way throughout my life has been FEAR. It didn’t matter what I was trying to achieve - fear would always show up and be the obstacle in the road. 

I understood the motivational quote “kick fear to the curb” intellecutally but putting it into practice was a different story. 

Instead, the best thing that worked for me was to always ask myself….

If I don’t do xyz now…will I regret it later in my life? That had so much more power for me.

If the answer was yes - then I knew I didn’t need to kick fear to the curb - instead I had to lock arms with it and take action. 

You know those moments in life when you feel at a crossroads and you have a tremor in your chest - and you don’t know if it’s coming from excitement or worry? 

During those times, I tell myself and believe fiercely in my heart, that the tremor is signaling something I need for my higher good. I remind myself that feeling that tremor means I am alive and I'm human instead of rushing to push it away. 

Are there times when I let that tremor take over and throw me under the bus - Oh yea...human remember?

But I get back up, dust myself off and start over again and again and again. 

Our growth happens in the come back, in the getting back up stage. If you’re in mid life and you feel like your time is over - I’m here to tell you, it only is - if you choose it to be.

Some of my biggest soul filled transformations happened in mid life after I dusted myself off and chose to continue going. 

So where is that tremor of fear showing up for you?

What is it that you really want but keep pushing away?

At the end of your life what do you want to feel so crazy happy about having done? 

Deep down I believe you already hold the answers to these questions. 

If you're seriously wanting to go into the new decade with an inspired feeling and a huge mission to make this one the best of your life - keep an eye out for my next email. I'm putting together something that will propel you into your next best chapter - so you can start living your regret-free life now.

Stay tuned!



"Life is a

one time game -

play it!"

Patricia Cimino

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