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What are you focusing on?

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

This is my 13 yr old - Anthony. 

This weekend I asked him if he wanted to go fishing on the inter coastal behind our house.

He told me: 

“No, no one ever catches anything in there.”

I looked him in the eye and said:

“Anthony tell yourself you are going to catch a fish today.” 

And then proceeded to tell him to image feeling the tug on the fishing line, visualize seeing himself twirling the spinner to reel it in, releasing the hook from the fish's mouth.

....he caught 5 within an hour. 


Set your focus on what you want to happen NOT on what you don’t think will happen. 

Here's the brain science of what happens when you focus on what you want to see:

Your Reticular Activating System (RAS for short) which is a bundle of nerves at your brainstem, kicks in and acts as an antenna. It filters out the unnecessary information so the important stuff you want to focus on gets through. Allowing your conscious mind to notice it.

Here's a great little video that explains it perfectly.

Visualizing and focus is something I work closely on with my private clients. As a matter of fact, our first coaching call is a visualization exercise that introduces them to their future selves.

From there, we work through the Results not Regrets program that gives them the tools to take inspired action now - not one year from now.


If you want to make your bold goal / vision for yourself happen, click on this link.

And just like Anthony, I'll get you focused on what you want to see - especially when your brain doesn't believe it.



If you want my help to live the purpose filled life that's waiting for you, click here to make an appointment with me to sign up for my 6 month, customized 1:1 coaching program.

"Do something that

your future self will

be grateful for"

Patricia Cimino

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