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Why Self Care Matters..

One of my mentors often says:

"An unmanaged mind is like a two-year-old running around with a butcher knife."

What a perfect visual and so fitting for me last week.

I spent the entire week sick.

Being sick and not feeling well physically led to a lot of spiraling in negativity.

Finally on the mend over the weekend, I had a big aha moment.

Reflecting on the week, I realized my emotional state led me to not do any of my regular self-care practices.

I did not wake up early.

I did not do my gratitude reflection.

I did not meditate.

I did not pray.

I did not journal.

I did not read.

I did not exercise.

…and I did not take my vitamins.

So of course I became a two-year-old running around with a butcher knife!

My own negativity kept me from accessing my better self.

It kept me from feeling better.

It’s one thing to feel sick physically - but to add another layer on with negative emotion is optional.

Routines and rituals matter.

Some may think self-care is fluff.

I’m here to tell you it’s not.

It’s vital to helping you be more effective, productive and positive.

So I'm curious, do you have go to self care practices?

Hit reply and let me know, either yes or no.

And if yes, share what they are with me!

Have a healthy optimistic week -



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