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Win Over Your Excuses

Sunday I jumped back on my road bike for another weekend ride. Before going, I noticed and heard a fierce wind blowing the palm trees outside. Part of my brain was telling me to forget about riding, that the wind would be "too much" 🙄...

And -

I almost gave in.

Here's why I didn't:

I asked myself these three questions that led me to get my a$$ on the bike:

1) How will I feel once I get it done?

2) How will feeling that way (listed in #1) cause me to show up toward my family and myself the rest of the day?

3) How will going contribute to my new goal of loosing another 10 lbs?

After answering those questions I got dressed and started pedaling. Would it have been easier to stay in my cozy comfy bed?

Heck YES! But my answers to those three questions sold me on getting up.

As I was facing the wind blowing straight at me in both directions, I heard a little negative chatter about how hard the ride was..

I quickly interrupted my story and went back to reflecting on my three questions and answers. As you can see from my photo above - I used the answers to those questions to stomp out my excuses!

Simple questions, powerful results...check out my video below.


This week, when you find yourself dragging your feet with something you set out to do, ask yourself the above three questions and see what happens.

If you're getting stuck and you can't shake off the negative chatter - reach out.

I can help you!



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