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You know enough..

I recently made some shifts in my coaching business. They were small changes I wanted to make so my message was clearer for those I help.

When I set out to create new marketing and content to provide my community - I began to think I needed to know more before I could begin.

I literally convinced myself that I didn't have enough material, resources and expertise to talk about how I can help someone build their confidence and business at the same time.


That's what I do best...and I was conveniently forgetting how I do that.

I was disregarding everything I DO KNOW, bypassing all of my knowledge, tools and resources that I've used to up level myself and my clients over the years and opting to sit in CONFUSION.

This a is prime example of what happens when you listen to "the tape recorder" in your head that's playing a useless message to you.

It happens when you take your eye off your goal and become consumed with what others are doing.

It's happens when you live in your blind spot.

Are you forgetting who you are and what you already know as you launch your business?

Do you find yourself saying "I need to learn more, get more certifications, degrees or experience before I can help others?"

Don't get caught in that trap.

If you have a desire to fuel your business dream - start where you are.

Start with knowing what you already do know.

Learn the rest as you go.

Get your offering out into the world. We're waiting for you.



I help service based entrepreneurs bust the mental roadblocks keeping them stuck from being visible, earning income and making the impact they truly want to make.

Click here for a coaching consultation. . . a free 45 minute call to find out if I can help you!

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