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Your Most Overlooked Asset

Did you know you have access to the BEST GPS system on the planet?

  • It's not your iPhone.

  • And it's not the navigation system in your car.

  • And it most definitely is not the internet.

The GPS system I'm referring to is -

  • Available 24/7

  • Never looses battery

  • Never looses connection

And for most people - it's their most overlooked asset. Your best GPS system is. . . Your Body. Your body is always telling you what feels good and what doesn't feel good. Your body is always signaling to you want it likes and wants and what it doesn't like and doesn't want. Your body is always sending you messages to alert you. The problem is we've been conditioned to ignore our bodies. We've become so bombarded with information outside of us; the internet, social media, the news, other people's opinions... That we have - Forgotten to listen to ourselves for the answers. Stopped paying attention to the clues our body gives us. Begun surveying everyone and their brother for their opinions to help make our decisions. Meanwhile... All the answers already reside inside of us. This week I want to share one part of your inner GPS. Your Heart. Researchers are now calling your heart - the little brain. Your heart's nervous system has 40,000 neurons (neurons are information messengers). Those neurons communicate with your brain - heart to brain NOT brain to heart. And research has found the heart has the ability to process, learn and remember. As a matter of fact, a small group of scientists at the HeartMath Institute in Northern California have been researching the science of the heart for the past 25+ years. They have found that the heart's magnetic field can be measured several feet away from the body by sensitive magnetometers. Your heart radiates energy all around you. Tuning into the energy of your heart tugs is something I teach my clients to pay attention to. They learn to trust the tug as it inevitably leads them to something that is aligned with their truth. Through our work together they sharpen their intuitive guidance that's always directing them to their desired destination. Ready to start following your GPS? xoxo, Patricia

Join myself and Law of Attraction Coach Maytte Dusseau on Mondays at 12:00 ET on CLUBHOUSE.

We're talking all things Manifestation for the month of October. Come have fun with us in our HIGH VIBES room!

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