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Fueling Your Love Tank

What is the gauge of your LOVE TANK?
You know, your personal barometer that measures how much love you have in your life.
Is your love tank running on empty or overflowing?
I know when I’m running on empty I am NOT the person you want to be around. Truly, Bratty Patty comes out to play . . .

If you find yourself empty more often than full, here’s a great kick start to re-fueling your tank:

  • Upon rising in the morning – Start your day with an intention of love. Love on everything that has brought you to this current moment in your life.

  • Plan on being a LOVING mom, wife, partner, daughter, sister, friend. Decide ahead of time that you’ll show up as the best version of you.

  • When you pass a mirror – acknowledge the EXTRAORDINARY person that is walking by. In that moment, sprinkle yourself with kindness by acknowledging one thing you absolutely love and admire about yourself. It’s just you and the mirror and no one is inside your head but you – so please DON’T skip this.

  • Before you nod off at night – celebrate one thing about your day. It could be as simple as “I absolutely loved my latte this morning” or “I love my very curvy hips.”

You see, the more you pay attention to YOU in a positive loving way the more your love tank fills up.

The more your tank fills up, the more love you are able to give to all the special people in your life and others whom you don’t even know.

It’s a beautiful cycle that keeps refueling itself.

Creating habits that remind you to love and celebrate yourself, you’ll be guaranteed your tank will never run on empty again.


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