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How the Big Hoops Re-ignited Me

Last week I did a Facebook Live that had everything to do with what I talked about in my last blog post….VALUES.

You see, just because our lives change or we age, doesn’t mean we can’t tap into the things that bring us joy or re-connect with the things that we stand for.

For me, it was just adding the big hoop earrings that made me feel alive, relevant, fun again.

And guess what?

It worked.

I continued value chasing over the weekend with a trip to the famous Art Institute of Chicago to honor and stimulate more creativity.

Why am I telling you this?

Because our our brain wants to take the short cut on everything. So if it’s easier to just dream about what we want to do vs. taking action to actually do something . . . nine times out of ten you’ll stay in dream mode.

And that's where re-assessing what you value and then intentionally living in alignment with your values can make the difference between achieving what you want vs. not.

It can make the difference between feeling happy vs. ho hum…

This value work has been instrumental for the clients I’ve worked with. I’ve witnessed people get their A game back, be optimistic about their next chapter and ultimately feel alive again.

In honor of helping more people, I’ve opened 5 more spots for the complimentary Value Sessions I’m offering this month. It’s a 30 minute call that will help you re-connect to your values. By the end of the call you’ll walk away with a mini manifesto that you can connect to everyday. Schedule it here.

Here’s to living a more value driven life!


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