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Allowing negative emotions to exist..

As a coach, I help people get from where they are to where they want to be. I teach mindset strategies and self care tools to help my clients give themselves permission to shift their perspective.

My work centers around the idea that your perspective is an inside job, hence your positivity is an inside job. I believe in positive psychology and all the contributions it's made to the self help and mental health industry.

But my message is not to be construed with "think positive thoughts, put on a smile and everything will be ok". My message is about becoming aware of where you are - feeling what you feel - and moving forward vs staying stuck in it.

We are human. We will experience negative emotion, it's just a part of life. Instead of shoving the frustration, anger, sadness, loneness, (fill in the blank for any negative feeling) under the rug - we must feel it. We must feel the feeling so that we can move through it. If we don't - it just shows up in other areas of our life.

I so get it - it's hard to feel painful feelings.

This week as we laid my young cousin down to rest, the enormous wave of sadness and sorrow swept over me and felt like a dark cloud over my house. I found it really hard to get back to work, hard to be the light to others when my light was burned out.

At first, I kept thinking I need to be strong, I totally forgot my own tools until today when my new found friend and Reiki practitioner Lexie Wilson, reminded me that it's ok to feel melancholy and to just allow it to be there.

Just allowing already feels lighter...and then she proceeded to give me an amazing Reiki session that helped move the negative energy out of my body.

I know each day I'll start to feel more like myself again, by allowing this grief to slowly move out so I can make room for new life to come in.

I'd like to offer that to you this week, if you're experiencing any negative emotion - don't resist it - ALLOW it. Allowing it just might be your quickest way to positivity.

Remember, dark clouds are always moving, they never stay in one place too long.

Until next week,


Patricia Cimino is a certified Life Coach who's passionately driven to help women discover the next chapter of themselves. She teaches a bullet proof self coaching model that radically changes how her clients think, feel and behave, so they can do what they're passionate about with clarity, confidence and optimism. When she's not coaching, speaking, leading workshops and retreats you can find her sweating it out on her mat or taking advantage of being the only female in a house full of a lot of testosterone..

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