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Ditch the past..

Some of you may have seen my Facebook post about having a kidney stone attack last week that landed me in the hospital.

If you've ever had them, you know the pain and havoc they reek on your body. I knew I was having an attack at 3:30 am because of my prior experience with them, so I didn't waste anytime getting my booty to the ER PRONTO.

After a weekend in hospital, I was release and told the stone moved and I "should" pass it over the next few days. I left a happy camper and got excited about heading to Atlanta for a business mastermind I'm part of.

Guess who decided to visit me once I got to Atlanta?

You got it - the kidney stone.

It came back with full vengeance. I immediately contacted my urologist who prescribed some pain meds to get me through.

The meds kicked in and I was feeling like I was in a safe zone until I could get home. As I was making flight arrangements, I noticed my brain wanted to keep revisiting my history of all the times I had kidney stones - pain and all.

In that moment, I thought..."What if I employ the future focus work I've been using on myself and my clients in business, to what I'm experiencing right now with the kidney stones?"

..."What if I looked at the future of this outcome differently vs dwelling on the evidence from the past times its happened?"

..."What if I got a great night sleep, woke up in the morning, got to the airport, boarded the plane and got home safely without pain?"

I kept imagining that scenario. Every time my mind wanted to go to the past and focus on the pain I endured, I RE-DIRECTED it to what might be a different possibility.

Guess What?

It worked.

I got a great night sleep, I headed home in the morning without any pain. I got to my urologist office, took an X-ray and got scheduled for surgery to get that little pebble out of my body.

Has there been physical pain along the way? Yes but guess what was missing?

EMOTIONAL PAIN...the fear, the worry, the stress was all gone.

What if you could look to your future with excitement, optimism and good vibes vs stress, worry and anxiety?

How fast would you want to start living that future?

I'd love to know..

Have an amazing week and thanks for all your well wishes -


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