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Just Decide.


This week I want to share something that I believe, if you practice, will have huge benefits to your wellbeing, confidence and self trust.

Its the power of deciding - AHEAD OF TIME.

You know the feeling of going back and forth on something you want or don't want to do?

WAFFLING - That's what I'm talking about...

Waffling takes up a ton of precious energy in your mind and body.

How many times have you exhausted yourself with a bagillion different scenarios imaginable - only to leave you exhausted and still stuck without a decision?

...So been there.

Here's what I've found, the minute I make a decision I feel like I lifted a boulder off of my shoulders, I can breathe again....can you relate?

So I've been challenging myself to make as many decisions as I can ahead of time.

Here are some of the benefits I found from doing this:

-New found energy

-New found time in my calendar

-New found presence with myself and those I'm with

-New found trust in myself

-Certainty in who I am and what I want

This week DECIDE ahead of time:

-when you're going to shut work off

-when you'll take a break from social media

-when you'll exercise

-what you'll eat on Thanksgiving day (before Thursday)

-what you'll drink on Black Friday

-what you'll spend on Christmas

-what direction you'll take your business in the new year

-what you'll say no to in the new year

-what you'll say yes to in the new year


Do it, then move forward and enjoy all your new found everything 😉

Have a wonderful holiday -


Looking for a mini-session with me?

Patricia Cimino is a certified Life Coach who's passionately driven to help women entrepreneurs believe in themselves so they can feel 10' and bulletproof while building the business of their dreams. She teaches a fierce self coaching model that radically changes how her clients think, feel and behave, so they can do what they're passionate about with clarity, confidence and optimism. When she's not coaching, speaking, leading workshops and retreats you can find her sweating it out on her mat or taking advantage of being the only female in a house full of a lot of testosterone..

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