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Why are you believing the BS?

Last week I went to four networking events. I met a lot of entrepreneurs at various stages of business. At each event, the same conversation kept coming up...I thought I was having deja vu...

You know what the conversation was?

It was women entrepreneurs who were looking for a "strategy" for their business. They were stuck and had hired a business coach to set them up with a plan of action.

In one breath, they shared what their coach was helping them do, in the next breath they said they didn't know how they were going to pull off what what their coach was requesting of them.

They didn't know - because they were unsure of themselves.

They didn't have the self belief that people would hire them and pay for their expertise. As a result they were letting fear diminish their value.

Entrepreneurs in the audience - before you spend another dime on strategy and systems - you must have 1000% percent belief in who you are and what you have to offer your clients.

If you are uncertain with yourself - no one is going to buy anything from you. If you're bypassing belief - no amount of strategy is going to give you the confidence you need to grow your business.

And heck this message isn't just for women business owners. If you're a mom or a working professional this applies to you too. If you aren't sure of yourself and you don't believe you can do X, Y or Z, I'd like to ask you - WHY?

What are the stories you're believing about you?

What are the things you're your inner voice is telling you that make you feel doubtful or question yourself?

FYI: your negative chatter is on a repeat loop in your brain cementing those stories and doubts every time you think them.

So if your stuck, how do you create building your belief?

* Believe the things you know to be true about you.

* Believe the things you'd like to be true about you.

* Believe so hard you can feel it in your bones.

When you believe in you fiercely - no fancy strategy, beautiful website or high social media status will matter.

When you believe in you - the need to follow someone else's plan will fade away.

When you believe in you - you won't ask a bajillion people for their opinion - because you'll trust your own.

How freeing is that?



If this is something you're struggling with or it just keeps coming up - REACH OUT TO ME - we can jump on a clarity call and I can share with you how coaching with me can impact your life.

It all starts with a call. Schedule your's here.

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