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Hold on girl, stop hating..

What if you told yourself "I love you" when you make a giant mistake,

or your big plan doesn't work out or you make the wrong decision?

What if you told yourself "I love you" when you're scared to death or you're confused or uncertain?

How differently would you feel if you just said -

"ITS OK AND I LOVE YOU" vs. spewing negative stuff about how horrible or stupid you are?

What if you chose self love over self hate?

Choose to love yourself through the difficulties and understand that those challenges never make you less than - only your opinion of you does.

You are whole even when your voice of shame and guilt plays on a repeat loop in your head.

You are whole even when you fail.

You are whole even when you're convinced you're broken and need to be fixed.

The only time your wholeness goes away is when you forget that you are.

I want to challenge you this week to tell yourself "It's ok and I love you" the minute you start to beat up on yourself. I want you to bust yourself every time you spiral into negative self judgement.

Keep doing it, even if you feel uncomfortable and silly saying it to yourself - KEEP DOING IT. Just like your negative self judgement, you are the only one that can hear it.

I'll be right along side you doing the same - we'll be building our self love muscle together.


Because when we fill ourselves up with love, we show up as the magnificent humans we were born to be.

Love always produces the best results.

Who doesn't want that?

It's the secret to our happiness, our wellbeing and our success.

Always sharing what I'm learning -


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