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I dropped the guilt..

This weekend I spent time in Miami for a coaching retreat with my business coach and ten of my coaching colleagues.

I had major reservations about going when I found out the retreat was the weekend of my birthday AND Greek Easter, two things that I always celebrate with my family. To top it off my oldest son, Michael made plans to fly into town to surprise me...😵

Not gonna lie, the Greek Guilt popped in my head 🤦🏻‍♀️ -

but not for too long. Instead of cabashing the retreat weekend (like I would normally do) - I decided to figure a way to do all the things: spend time w/ my son, celebrate my bday w/ family, feel Easter within and attend the retreat.

I realized when I took time to slow down and manage my mind about it vs getting sucked in with guilty thoughts about what I "should" do - everything was figure-out-able.

It turned out to be the best decision and plan ever. I got to honor my commitment to myself and truly enjoy all of it.

Has guilt ever plagued you?

The next time guilt comes knocking on your door - I'd like to offer you to take a step back, set your thoughts about others off to the side and decide what YOU really want to do - then move forward from there. I promise you, when you truly listen to what your heart wants, you won't end up with resentment or regret.

Who wants to live resentment-free and regret free?

Hello - I'll take more of that please...



Oh! In honor of my birthday - I'm gifting 3 free, full blown coaching sessions on Thursday this week - time slots are 10:00 am, 11:00 am and 1:00 pm all cst.

First come first serve! Reply here with your preferred time - grab it before it goes!

Local Friends! I'm hosting a free workshop -


How to coach yourself through

the stresses of daily life

Wednesday May 1st

6:00-6:30 pm

311 W Hillgrove

Lagrange IL

Walk away with a strategy to feel better immediately!

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