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A Week I'll Never Forget

A couple of weeks ago I made a decision I'll never forget or regret. For those of you who know me, you know that living a regret-free life is part of my core desires. Whether it's life or work - it's a guiding principle.

I decided to take a road trip with my oldest son as he moved back to Los Angeles after being in southeast Florida with us since the thick of the pandemic. At first I felt guilty that I wouldn't be planted at my home office desk doing "work". Then I quickly reminded myself that being a solopreneur means I get to do business wherever I want. Once I reminded myself of that fact - I let go and enjoyed the moments I had with my son. Maybe you caught my social media "stories" as I posted our journey across the country. We had a continual dance party to all the playlists 💃🏻 had deep conversations about life and goals 💫 and held each other accountable to no fast food 🥑and daily work outs 🏃🏻‍♀️💪🏻. But there were 2 practices we did everyday - that had a massive impact on the day. This week I want to share one of them - (stay tuned - next week I'll share the other practice.) At the end of each day we shared our wins for the day. This may sound super simple and silly to some - but let me tell ya, it's unbelievably powerful to list out your wins for the day. Here's some of ours:

  • no tire blow outs or accidents

  • no speeding tickets

  • great weather

  • no road rage from other drivers

  • interesting twighlight zone road stops

  • great fresh fish, bbq, tangy tacos, Tex-Mex, juice shots (!)

  • clean hotels with comfortable pillows and beds

  • new client inquires

  • ideas for upcoming coaching programs

...the list goes on. Listing out your wins for the day is something I call - INTENTIONAL GRATITUDE. And here's the secret benefit - listing a few wins everyday - keeps you in positive momentum. Our lives, work and businesses thrive on positive what do you have to loose? A big fat NOTHING! Enjoy counting your wins - reply back and tell me a few, I'd love to pull your positive energy into my day..🙌🏻😉🙌🏻 xoxo, Patricia

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