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Are You a People Pleaser?

Do you have trouble saying No?

How strong is the Pleaser in you?

I've done my fair share of people pleasing.

When I was younger it was the need to have others like me.

As I grew older and became a mom, it became all about putting everyone else's needs before my own.

All because I wanted everyone to be "happy". . .

at the detriment of my own happiness.

Here's the catch and certainly not anything new -

When you put everyone and everything before you -

you end up resenting the very person or thing you're are putting before you.

You risk jeopardizing taking care of your own emotional, physical and financial needs.

And what's worse is that when people pleasers continue to please, others around them start to depend on them and don't grow into their full potential.

This week I want to share 2 justification lies People Pleasers tell themselves:

1) "I don't do this for myself - I do it for others, I help others selflessly and don't expect anything in return."

2) "The world would be a better place if everyone did the same."

Sound familiar?

If so, don't believe these lies - this is what keeps people pleasers - pleasing.

Here's a tip to overcome this saboteur behavior:

Practice receiving by asking for your needs directly.

If receiving feels selfish,

create this simple perspective shift:

"When I allow others to give,

it makes them feel good

and that is a form of giving"

In my mental fitness program Positive Intelligence, we cover the 10 different saboteurs (internal enemies) that are creating chaos in your life. Once you learn about them, you can begin to weaken their power they have over you and start to live from your true self.

Here's what some clients are saying about this program:

"I had incredible growth in the

Positive Intelligence program.

It is essential for anyone that wants

to be a better employee,

a better partner, a better parent….

Just a better person!"

Interested in learning more? Reach out here and I'll send you the details for the program.



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