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Blocked Awareness

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

I was talking to my son last week and he was telling me how he's riding an A in his math class right now. This is a class he's previously had challenges in.

I asked him how he got the A.

Of course, he told me "I don't know".

This is where - BLOCKED AWARENESS set in..

BLOCKED AWARENESS is a term I use when you can't remember how something happened.

That's when my coach hat came on and began to ask him questions probing him with the things he did to create the A.

Within a few minutes it wasn't a mystery how he created his result.

I share this because it's the same BLOCKED AWARENESS I see a lot of my clients get tangled in.

They tell me their wins with an unawareness to how it actually happened. In the moment, they forgot what it took to get their result and instantly reply with "I don't know how I did it."

Then I pull out my probing questions and we backtrack the steps they took. I do this purposely so their brain can see it wasn't a fluke or beginners luck.

Once we go through all of the things that contributed to their win including them doing the mundane, boring, everyday things they do (our brain conveniently forgets those things) - they instantly know how they did it and have a map for how to do it again and again.

And of course - I know it intimately because it was the very thing that staled me!

How often do you get stuck in BLOCKED AWARENESS?

Here's 3 simple strategies to start creating more awareness to your wins:

1) Review all of your outcomes for the week, wins and losses.

What happened?

2) List the things you did that contributed to your wins.

What did you do, what didn't you do?

3) Notice what you told yourself about doing the things you listed to do.

What were you thinking and believing before you took those actions steps?

Have fun recreating your results and remember our results are never a mystery. 🤓



. . . and of course if you are getting in your way of doing this - I can help you! Reach out for a discovery call here!

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