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Self Sabotage and the Judge

One of the main reasons why I wanted to become a coach was because I wanted to figure out why I could be so positive for everyone and so negative toward myself.

Little did I know that - self sabotage is something we all do.

Over the years, I've learned that all of and you included - self sabotage. Whether it's criticizing ourselves, others or our circumstances - we all do it.

The most recent training I went through categorized this as a Judge living inside all of us.

No one escapes the Judge.

BUT you can learn to quiet the Judge's voice, question the Judge's comments and calm your chaotic mind.

Today, when I notice my Judge popping in to tell me something negative - it's a whisper that only lasts a fraction of the time it used to...allowing me to get back to what I'm doing without wasting precious energy or time!

This month I'll be sharing tips on how to notice your self sabotage and turn it into self mastery. I'll be highlighting the various saboteurs you have that occupy space in your head and drive your behavior and decisions. So stay tuned!

For this week, here are 3 tips to notice when your judge is in active mode:

1) When you hear negative comments about yourself.

2) When you hear negative comments you make about others.

3) When you hear negative comments about your circumstances.

In those moments, notice and separate the Judge's judgements from you.

This puts space between you and it.

You are NOT the judge.

Starting to practice this piece of awareness is the first step to change.

I currently host workshops, group and individual coachingprograms around this very topic.

If you are sick and tired of hearing your Judge, reach out and I'll share how I can help you and/or your team squash your inner Judge now - not someday.



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